Garrett County, Md
June 25, 2016
2016 Garrett County Gran Fondo
Registration is currently open for the June 25 Garrett County Gran Fondo.

The Garrett County Gran Fondo is limited to 1000 total riders on the road and there are 104 registrations remaining available.
The most popular ride, the Diabolical Double, is limited to 400 riders and there are 6 registrations remaining for that ride.

With seven Timed KOM Climbs covering 16.2 miles and 5700' of elevation gain, the Garrett County Gran Fondo is the King of all Climbing Gran Fondos. No other Gran Fondo has more timed climbing! Read up on the specs of the Timed KOM Climbs and Other Major Climbs at the Garrett County Gran Fondo, and bring your climbing legs!

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Big Changes in 2016!!

We are thrilled to announce big changes to the Garrett County Gran Fondo in 2016. These changes include a new start/finish location at Garrett College with ample parking and facilities, and new routes with new climbs, new roads, new aid stations, and even more climbing than before! Oh, and did we mention the beer truck?

Read more about the 2016 changes and make sure to check out the individual ride pages with detailed maps, elevation profiles, and videos of the new routes: Diabolical Double, Savage Century, Masochistic Metric, Fabulous 44, and Garrett's Greatest 25

Registration and Donations

Registration rates are $45, $70, $80, $90, $100 for the 25, 44, 63, 100, 125 mile rides respectively with these rates increasing by $10 on June 1 for last minute registration. A tax-deductible contribution to Garrett Trails, the non-profit beneficiary of the event, is required with a minimum contribution of $10.

A ticket to the Friday pre-ride dinner is included with registration, plus various other excellent benefits depending on contribution amount to Garrett Trails. Details on the registration site.

Garrett County Gran Fondo News and Announcements

All event updates will be posted via Facebook. Please follow the Garrett County Gran Fondo facebook page or keep an eye in the facebook box below for news and announcements.

Garrett County Gran Fondo Rides Overview

Garrett County and the Deep Creek Lake area boast some of the finest and most challenging cycling in North America, and the Garrett County Gran Fondo has established itself as a premier North American Gran Fondo unsurpassed in challenge, scenery, and riding quality.

The Garrett County Gran Fondo has a ride for everyone from the recreational cyclist to seasoned professionals with five supported ride options. The 125 mile "Diabolical Double Metric", the 100 mile "Savage Century", the 63 mile "Masochistic Metric", and the 44 mile "Fabulous 44" all contain very steep and challenging hills. The "Garrett's Greatest 25" includes hills but is appropriate for the beginner or recreational cyclist not desiring to undertake the more extreme Gran Fondo ride offerings.

  • The "Diabolical Double" - the feature event of the Garrett County Gran Fondo, the Diabolical Double is a true, extreme epic on par with European climbing classics such as Etape du Tour, la Marmotte, and the classic Italian Gran Fondos. At 200K (124.5 miles) and over 16,800 feet of climbing, the Diabolical Double is an extreme challenge for even the most fit rider. Virtually all who have completed the Diabolical Double have considered it the hardest single day ride they have ever experienced. The new course and new climbs in 2016 only step up the challenge with even more climbing than the prior editions. The Diabolical Double includes all seven of the Timed KOM Climbs.
  • The "Savage Century" - the Savage Century is an extremely challenging century ride, and with 100.3 miles and over 12,700 feet of climbing likely the hardest 100 mile ride in North America. The Savage Century includes all seven of the Timed KOM Climbs.
  • The "Masochistic Metric" - the Masochistic Metric is one-half the distance with one-half the climbing of the Diabolical Double at 63 miles and over 8400 feet of climbing. If you want to experience a true climbing epic, but 100 miles or 200K of it seems a bit excessive, then the Masochistic Metric is the ride for you. The Masochistic Metric includes six of the seven Timed KOM Climbs.
  • The "Fabulous 44" - The Fabulous 44 is an excellent option for anyone looking for a longer, more challenging ride than the "Garrett's Greatest 25" and wants a taste of the extremity of the three longer rides, but does not want to undertake the extreme challenge of the 100K, 100 miles, or 200K distances. The Fabulous 44 includes 43.8 miles and over 5800 feet of climbing and four of the seven Timed KOM Climbs.
  • The "Garrett's Greatest 25" - A beautiful 25 mile ride along Deep Creek Lake and through the rolling Garrett County farmland, the Garrett's Greatest 25 includes no major hills and none of the seven Timed KOM Climbs.

Garrett County Gran Fondo Specifics

With the exception of the "Garrett's Greatest 25", all Garrett County Gran Fondo routes are extremely challenging climbing affairs and riders should plan accordingly. Some hills peak out at over 20% pitch and have extended stretches well into the teens. It is highly recommended that you gear your bike appropriately for the severe climbing and make sure your bike is in good working condition, particularly the brakes, as what goes up also comes down.

The Garrett County Gran Fondo is not a race. The seven Timed KOM Climbs are the only racing on the day; there are no results or awards for overall finish time. Roads are not closed to traffic and traffic marshals are not present at turns and intersections. Riders must obey all traffic laws.

All Gran Fondo rides are fully supported, including aid stations and mechanical and sag support. In addition to cue cheets and garmin files made available to riders online, roads will be well marked. There are lenient time cutoffs that are enforced at the aid stations and route diversion points and those who fail to make the cutoffs will be driven to the finish (aid station cutoff) or forced to take the shorter route option (route diversion point cutoff).

The vast majority of all roads are good quality pavement, with the exception of Limestone Hill (63, 100, 125 rides) and Blue Lick Road (125 ride only). A one mile stretch of the Limestone Hill climb is very smooth and easily ridable dirt. Blue Lick Road is 1.7 miles of gravel through a beautiful stretch of Savage River State Forest, that can vary in riding quality depending on how recently the county has rolled the road. A detour is available for those who choose to opt out of taking Blue Lick Road.

Ride starts are staggered with the "Diabolical Double" departing at 7:00am, the "Savage Century" at 7:20am, the "Masochistic Metric" at 7:40am, the "Fabulous 44" at 8:00am, and the "Garrett's Greatest 25" immediately following at 8:05. A mandatory pre-ride briefing will commence at start line 10 minutes before each ride start. Riders must start with their registered ride group, however, can choose at the route diversion points during the ride to downgrade to a shorter ride if desired.

Enjoy this excellent video of some of the riding at the Garrett County Gran Fondo.

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