2015 Garrett County Gran Fondo
We are extraordinarily unhappy to report that tomorrow's Garrett County Gran Fondo is canceled due to the extreme weather conditions expected.

More info posted on facebook here.

There will be subsequent followup to registered athletes in the coming days. We are truly sorry to have to cancel this year's event.

The 2015 Athlete's Guide is now available. All registered riders, please download and read before event weekend.

Registration for the 2015 Garrett County Gran Fondo is now closed.

The 2015 Garrett County Gran Fondo will be held the weekend of June 27-28, 2015 with the five Gran Fondo rides held on Saturday 6/27.

With five timed KOM climbs covering 11.8 miles and 4400' of elevation gain, the Garrett County Gran Fondo is the King of all Climbing Gran Fondos. No other Gran Fondo has more timed climbing! Bring your climbing legs!

The Gran Fondo is one of three events comprising Garrett Trails's "Best of Garrett" Weekend, with the other two, the "Race Up The Face" and "Taste of Garrett" being held on Sunday.

Gran Fondo participants are strongly encouraged to stay and enjoy the entire "Best of Garrett" Weekend and partake on Sunday in the "Race Up The Face" running race straight up the Wisp ski mountain followed by a sampling from the best restaurants throughout Garrett County at the "Taste of Garrett".

Registration and Donations

Registration is closed. Registration fees are $45, $65, $75, $85, $95 for the 25, 44, 62, 102, 125 mile rides respectively. Additionally, a tax-deductible donation to Garrett Trails, the non-profit beneficiary of the event, is required with a minimum donation of $10. A ticket to the Friday pre-ride dinner is included with this donation, plus various other excellent benefits for larger donations. Details on the registration site.

Table of Contents

Garrett County Gran Fondo News and Announcements
All event updates will be posted via Facebook. Please follow the Garrett County Gran Fondo facebook page or keep an eye in the facebook box below for news and announcements.

Enjoy this excellent video of some of the riding at the Garrett County Gran Fondo.

KOM Climb Timings at the Garrett County Gran Fondo

2014 KOM results here and 2013 KOM results here.

The Garrett County Gran Fondo includes five timed KOM hill climbs encompassing a total of 11.8 miles and 4400 feet of elevation gain. The Masochistic Metric, Savage Century, and Diabolical Double include all five of the timed climbs. The Fabulous 44 includes three of these climbs. Garrett's Greatest 25 has no timed climbs.
Climb Rides Length Elev. Gain Avg. Grade Climb Record
White Rock44, 62, 102, 1251.0 miles558 ft11%05:45
Old Morgantown Rd62, 102, 1253.1 miles1146 ft7%14:23
Pig's Ear & Devil's Half Acre62, 102, 1254.8 miles1240 ft5%16:38
Bowman Hill44, 62, 102, 1251.5 miles862 ft11%09:12
Wisp Mountain44, 62, 102, 1251.4 miles561 ft8%07:18
The base of all KOM climbs are marked with signs and timing mats in the road. Please be on the lookout for the signs and timing mats at the base of each of these climbs and make sure to ride over the mat. Also, in order to ensure the chip is read, timing chips must be attached to your ankle and not on your bike frame, handlebars, or jersey pocket.

Garrett County Gran Fondo Rides Overview

Garrett County and the Deep Creek Lake area boast some of the finest and most challenging cycling in North America, and the Garrett County Gran Fondo has established itself as a premier North American Gran Fondo unsurpassed in challenge, scenery, and riding quality.

The Garrett County Gran Fondo has a ride for everyone from the recreational cyclist to seasoned professionals with five supported ride options. The 125 mile "Diabolical Double Metric", the 102 mile "Savage Century", the 62 mile "Masochistic Metric", and the 44 mile "Fabulous 44" all contain very steep and challenging hills. The "Garrett's Greatest 25" includes hills but is appropriate for the recreational cyclist not desiring to undertake the more extreme Gran Fondo ride offerings.
  • The "Diabolical Double" - the feature event of the Garrett County Gran Fondo, the Diabolical Double is a true, extreme epic on par with European climbing classics such as Etape du Tour, la Marmotte, and the classic Italian Gran Fondos. At 125 miles and 16,500 feet of climbing, the Diabolical Double is an all-day affair that is an extreme challenge for even the most fit rider. Included in Rapha Continental's 2009 tour of the Top 25 Epic Rides in North America, and called by the Rapha riders "one of the most demanding and stunning rides of the summer", the Diabolical Double is destined to become a true North American cycling classic.

  • The "Savage Century" - at 102 miles and 12,700 feet of climbing, the Savage Century is a very challenging century ride in its own right despite playing second fiddle to the Diabolical Double. The Savage Century shares the first 59 miles and final 15 miles of the Diabolical Double route.

  • The "Masochistic Metric" - at 62 miles and 8000 feet of climbing, the Masochistic Metric can stake its claim as the toughest metric century route in North America. The Masochistic Metric shares the first 47 miles of the Diabolical Double and Savage Century routes and includes some of the most stunning rural scenery and vistas you are ever to encounter on a bike as well as the vast majority of the steepest climbs encountered in the Savage Century and Diabolical Double routes

  • The "Fabulous 44" - at 44 miles and 4800 feet of climbing, the "Fabulous 44" is an excellent option for anyone looking for a longer, more challenging ride than the "Garrett's Greatest 25", but is not ready to undertake the extreme challenge of the Masochistic Metric Century.

  • The "Garrett's Greatest 25" - A beautiful 25 mile ride through the rolling Garrett County farmland with a challenging 3 mile climb to the finish atop Wisp Mountain.

Garrett County Gran Fondo Specifics

Despite the extreme nature of the some of the Garrett County Gran Fondo rides, there are no qualifying standard or time cutoff restrictions beyond event closure at dusk. The Gran Fondo rides include supply stations, tech/sag support and riders will be provided detailed cue sheets and elevation profiles. Even so, participants should prepare to be self-sufficient for up to 25 slow, hilly miles between checkpoints and supply stations.

All rides will start and finish at Adventure Sports Center International (ASCI), home of the world's only mountaintop whitewater rafting park, perched atop Wisp Mountain high above Deep Creek Lake.

All rides are 100% on paved roads, with the exception of the "Diabolical Double" which includes a 1.5 mile stretch of gravel on Blue Lick Road. If desired, Blue Lick Road can be avoided via a 1.5 mile extension.

Ride starts are staggered with the "Diabolical Double" departing at 7am, the "Savage Century" at 7:20am, the "Masochistic Metric" at 7:40am, the "Fabulous 44" at 8:00am, and the "Garrett's Greatest 25" immediately following at 8:05. A mandatory pre-ride briefing will commence at start line 10 minutes before each ride start.

All Gran Fondo rides include some very steep, extended climbing. Some hills average ~15% grade for over a mile, and many climbs peak out at over 20% pitch. All rides except the "Garrett's Greatest 25" summit finish atop Wisp Mountain with a 3/4 mile 13% grade climb. It is highly recommended that you gear your bike wisely in preparation for this. Even the strongest of cyclists appreciate compact cranks on this terrain.

Aid stations are available every 20-30 miles.

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