The "Masochistic Metric"

The "Masochistic Metric" Century is a beautiful and extremely challenging 62 mile ride that highlights the extraordinary beauty and terrain of rural Garrett County in western Maryland.

At 62 miles and 8,000 feet of climbing, the "Masochistic Metric" is as challenging a single metric century ride as exists. The route follows the "Diabolical Double" and "Savage Century" rides through mile 47 before turning south to head through beautiful, rolling farmland culminating in the climb up Overlook Pass to the summit finish atop Wisp Mountain. The "Masochistic Metric" route includes the majority of the steepest, and for many people the toughest, of the climbs of the Savage Century and Diabolical Double routes. Compact cranks or triples are very strongly encouraged.

The "Masochistic Metric" route in detail:
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Thin Grey Lines = Most direct route back to Finish at ASCI from each checkpoint
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