Garrett County, Md
June 23, 2018  
The "Masochistic Metric"
The Masochistic Metric is one-half the distance with one-half the climbing of the Diabolical Double at 63.2 miles and over 8400 feet of climbing. If you want to experience a true climbing epic, but 100 miles or 200K of it seems a bit excessive, then the Masochistic Metric is the ride for you.

The Masochistic Metric shares the first 52.8 and final 8.3 miles with the Savage Century and Diabolical Double routes. Masochistic Metric riders can choose at mile 30.0 to downgrade to the Fabulous 44 route if desired.

The Masochistic Metric includes six of the seven Timed KOM Climbs. Masochistic Metric riders are eligible for Overall GCGF KOM Champion Awards.

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