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June 23, 2018  
Team Climbing Competition

Create New or Join Existing Team

If you want to create a new team for the Team Climbing Competition and be the team captain, go here. Or, if you want to join an existing team, go here. There is no additional charge for participating in the Team Climbing Competition, however you must register individually before you can create or join a team.

Please note: Team captains: your registration confirmation code is the "Permission to Join" code that you must provide other teammates in order for them to join the team you created. They will need their own registration confirmation code and your "Permission to Join" code, which you must provide them.

New in 2017 is the Team Climbing Competition!

With so many climbs on offer at the Garrett County Gran Fondo, we thought it would be fun to extend the individual KOM competition to include a team climbing competition that is scored by the same seven chip-timed climbs as well as another 5 worthy climbs that are scored by Strava via a smartphone or GPS device. Score all the climbs using a variety of metrics appropriate for teams, put them altogether, and crown a team champion!

  • Two team divisions: Male and Co-ed
  • Teams consist of a minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 riders
  • Teammates do not need to ride together. All scoring is based on each individual's climb times so it is not necessary that teammates stick together.
  • Riders can be members of multiple teams. Males can be members of up to two teams and females up to three teams.
  • Teammates can ride different routes, but all must complete at least the Masochistic Metric route. However, in order for a team to register a score on enough climbs to receive a final score, at least one rider must complete the entire Diabolical Double route and two riders the Savage Century or Diabolical Double (1 SC / 1 DD or 2 DD).
  • Team competitors still compete in the individual KOM competition just like every registered participant
  • Team competitors must wear the timing chip for the chip-timed climbs as well as carry a smartphone or GPS device for Strava timed climbs

Team Competition Climbs and Scoring Methodologies Used

There will be timed 12 climbs used in the Team Climbing Competition: 7 chip-timed climbs and 5 Strava-timed climbs. The climbs used and the timing and scoring methodology used for each are listed below. For each scoring methodology, reference to the Team Competition Scoring section below for description.

Chip-timed climbs will have large banners and timing mats, making the start and end locations obvious. Strava timed climbs will have prominent KOM road markings painted on road at best approximation of Strava segment start and end points as possible. It is up to the rider to know when a strava timed climb is approaching, but the KOM road markings should help for knowing the actual start and end points.

Climb Rides Location
Timing Scoring Methodology
1 KOM 1 - Overlook Pass 63, 100, 125 2.5 Chip 1 - Sum Top 4 Places
2 KOM 2 - White Rock Rd 63, 100, 125 10.8 Chip 1 - Sum Top 4 Places
3 KOM 3 - Limestone Hill 63, 100, 125 22.9 Chip 1 - Sum Top 4 Places
4 KOM 4 - Sam Friend Rd 63, 100, 125 35.3 Chip 1 - Sum Top 4 Places
5 KOM 5 - Keysers Ridge 63, 100, 125 40.4 Chip 1 - Sum Top 4 Places
6 KOM 6 - Bowman Hill 63, 100, 125 49.9 Chip 1 - Sum Top 4 Places
7 Killer Miller 100, 125 60.8 Strava 2 - Team Average Time
8 Big Savage Mountain (Michael Rd) 125 88.1 Strava 2 - Team Average Time
9 KOM 7 - Dry Run 100, 125 20.5 to go Chip 2 - Team Average Time
10 Meadow Mountain (Frank Brenneman) 100, 125 14.2 to go Strava 3 - 2nd Slowest Rider Time
11 Negro Mountain Rd 63, 100, 125 2.8 to go Strava 2 - Team Average Time
12 Bumblee Bee Rd - Sprint to the Finish 63, 100, 125 0.2 to go Strava 4 - Sum 2 Fastest Times

Team Competition Scoring

The overall scoring of the team competition will be cross-country scoring, the sum of the team's overall place over each climb, with the lowest total score winning.

Specifically, for each climb each team gets an overall place, from 1st to last, based on the scoring methodology of that climb. Each team's single worst climb place is discarded and then the total score for each team is the sum of their remaining places.

For example, a team that wins six climbs, gets 2nd in four, and 4th in two would have a score of 6*1 + 4*2 + 2*4 - 4= 18 points.

Climb Scoring:
Now, what makes the team competition fun is that different climbs can be scored differently. Each climb will be scored according to one of the methodologies below:

Scoring Methodology Rationale Behind Scoring Methodolgy Team Strategy
1 Sum top 4 team rider's overall places Just like a cross country meet, this is the traditional scoring approach of individuals competing both individually and as part of a team.

Most climbs will be scored this way
All team members equally important and must give their best. Rewards teams with more than the minimum 4 riders
2 Team average time (throw out the slowest rider) Similar to 1, but gives greater positive weight to super performances and greater negative weight to poor performances All team members equally important and must give their best
3 2nd slowest rider's time Scoring rewards deep teams rather than teams with one or two very fast climbers Team works together to do whatever it takes to get that 2nd slowest up as quickly as he/she can
4 Sum top two rider's times (or top male and top female for mixed division) Scoring rewards teams with climbing stars Fast folks all out, everybody else takes it easy

Timed KOM Climb #4, Sam Friend Rd
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