Garrett County, Md
June 23, 2018
Team Climbing Competition - New Team Creation

Create a New Team
Please name your team and provide the confirmation code from your individual registration. You can find this code in your registration confirmation email. As the team creator, you become the team "captain".

Once the team is created other registered riders can join the team, however they will need both their own individual registration confirmation code as well as a "permission to join" code, which is your registration confirmation code. So, you must send this code to any teammates you want to join your team.

Teams can consist of a minimum of 4 to maximum of 6 members. All team members must ride in the Masochistic Metric, Savage Century, or Diabolical Double

Riders can be members of multiple teams: up to two for males and three for females

Team Name
Your Individual Registration Confirmation Code

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